Autonomous Driving Visionary Dr. Lawrence Burns Joins as NPS

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Source: Neural Propulsion Systems announcement

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS), a pioneer in autonomous sensing platforms, announced that Dr. Lawrence Burns is joining as an Executive Advisor. He is the former Corporate Vice President of Research & Development and Planning at General Motors. He has also advised numerous companies – including Google Self-Driving Cars/Waymo for more than a decade.

As an Executive Advisor, Dr. Burns will advise and collaborate with the NPS executive team as they continue to scale the company globally and deliver the world’s first all-in-one deeply integrated multi-modal sensor system focused on fully autonomous driving (Level 4 autonomy).

 “Sensor Fusion technology is a core component of delivering true autonomous vehicles and is crucial to helping the industry achieve the vision of Zero Autonomous Driving Accidents,” said Dr. Behrooz Rezvani, founder and CEO of NPS. “Prominent technology and industry thought leaders like Larry will be instrumental in helping us make this vision a reality. Larry has helped shape the autonomous industry as we know it today. We share the conviction that only a reliable multi-modal sensor platform can deliver Level L4 autonomy.”

Dr. Burns joins existing industry leaders and NPS Executive Advisors Hinrich J. Woebcken, most recently President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America Inc., and Retired Vice Admiral David Dunaway, who was Commander of the Naval Air Systems Command.

After leaving GM in 2009, Dr. Burns was a Professor of Engineering Practice at the University of Michigan (2011-2015), and Director of the Program for Sustainable Mobility at Columbia University (2010-2014). He was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering (2011) and advises organizations on the future of mobility, logistics, manufacturing, energy and innovation.

“NPS aims to transform the future of autonomous driving by tackling one of the most formidable autonomous driving challenges — delivering innovative high-performance sensor-fusion,” said Dr. Burns. “What’s missing today is the capability to ‘see’ farther, faster and more precisely. NPS delivers on all fronts by intelligently integrating and fusing LiDAR, radar and camera data with advanced analytics to realize enormous advances in performance.”

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About Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS)

NPS develops AI Technology for Zero Autonomous Driving Accidents (ZADA). Founded in 2017 by Silicon Valley luminaries, including serial entrepreneur Behrooz Rezvani, former Ikanos and Quantenna founder and CEO. To view the entire announcement, click HERE

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