ABS Pro a Highlight of New BMW S 1000 R

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Source: BMW Motorrad USA announcement

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – BMW Motorrad USA announced the new, updated, 2023 BMW S 1000 RR with meaningful enhancements to the chassis, suspension, aerodynamics and electronic assist systems. First introduced in 2009, the BMW S 1000 RR has become the standard for its segment in terms of performance and rider safety features.

 “With an advanced suspension and chassis, the new Brake Slide Assist and DTC Slide Control assistance systems as well as optimized aerodynamics with winglets and a redesigned rear end, we are able to raise the RR’s performance to a new level.” Wolfgang Wallner, Project Manager S 1000 RR

The highlights of the new BMW S 1000 RR

  • Shorter secondary gear ratio for more traction at the rear wheel.
  • Advanced “Flex Frame” with more flex.
  • Chassis geometry with new steering head angle, offset, caster and wheelbase.
  • M Chassis Kit with adjustable swinging arm pivot point and raised rear end.
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC with new Slide Control function for drifts while accelerating using steering angle sensor.
  • ABS Pro with new Brake Slide Assist function using steering angle sensor for braking drifts when approaching corners.
  • ABS Pro Setting “Slick”
  • Optimized aerodynamics with new front section, winglets, high windshield and partitioning off of the lower triple clamp.
  • M lightweight battery as standard.
  • USB charging port in the rear section.
  • Redesigned rear section and shorter license plate holder.
  • Redesigned wiring harness for easier removal of the license plate frame.
  • Clutch and generator cover in black.
  • Easier rear wheel assembly removal due to loss-proof axle bushings, chamfered brake pads and brake anchor plate.
  • M GPS Mouse Adapter as part of the BMW Motorrad original accessory range.
  • New GoPro holder as part of the BMW Motorrad original accessory range.
  • Three paintwork finishes: Blackstorm metallic, Style Passion in Racing Red non-metallic and Lightwhite non-metallic/BMW M.

ABS Pro with new Brake Slide Assist and ABS Pro “Slick” setting

Like its predecessor, the new RR has a brake system that is supremely effective on the road and on the track. At the front there are two radially mounted 4-piston fixed calipers in conjunction with 320 mm / 12.6-inch steel brake discs which are 4.5 mm / 0.18 inches thick (5.5 mm / 0.22 inches thick with forged and carbon fiber wheels). At the rear, deceleration is taken care of by a single-piston floating caliper with a 220 mm / 8.7-inch steel brake disc.

ABS Pro is standard on the new BMW S 1000 RR. In contrast to conventional ABS systems, ABS Pro offers extra safety when braking in turns. Even when braking hard in a leaning position, ABS Pro is able to prevent the wheels from locking, thereby reducing the risk of falling when leaning – even in the event of panic braking. In the “Race Pro” modes, the ABS function can be set to five different levels, with the ABS Pro function linked accordingly. A new feature of the current RR is the ABS Pro Setting “Slick” as part of the optional Ride Modes Pro. This setting adjusts for the use of slick track tires.

The new Brake Slide Assist function is an important and very helpful innovation for track riders. As in the new DTC Slide Control function, this new system is based on steering angle sensors and allows the rider to set a specific drift angle for so-called braking drifts while sliding into corners at a maintained speed.

From a technical point of view, a slip angle (drift angle) is set using the steering angle sensor response by limiting the brake pressure at the rear wheel by the ABS Pro system and by controlling the rear wheel slip by the engine drag torque control (MSR).

Due to their position on the motorcycle and the application of force via the handlebars, the rider has considerable influence on the drift behavior during braking. Brake Slide Assist provides support to the rider for this partially unstable riding condition of drifting.

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As a component of the “Pro Modes” option, DBC Dynamic Brake Control provides the rider with additional support during braking. DBC increases safety when braking, even in difficult situations, by avoiding unintentional throttle activation. As soon as the sensor cluster supplies a certain deceleration value during braking, any simultaneous desire to accelerate on the part of the rider is detected as implausible and throttle valve opening is suppressed. This keeps the motorcycle stable and shortens the braking distance.

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