Zimmermann Brakes in Use

SINSHEIM-DÜHREN, Germany — Quality is the be-all and end-all when it comes to brakes. That is why many specialist workshops rely on Otto Zimmermann products.

Workshop owner Sebastian Maruhn installs dust-reduced rd:z brake pads and sport brake discs from the Sinsheim-based brake manufacturer in his auto repair shop in Witten.

Auto Maruhn GmbH in Witten aims to repair every vehicle as perfectly as possible. The team of the brand-independent workshop carries out repair work on mechanics, electrics and bodywork – for modern vehicles, but also for young- and old timers.

Managing director Sebastian Maruhn relies on quality parts. There is no room for compromise, especially when it comes to the brakes, because they are among the safety-relevant parts of the vehicle. If brake parts are worn out, the Maruhn auto repair shop replaces them with high-quality spare parts.

The workshop owner has had good experience with the dust-reduced rd:z brake pads from Otto Zimmermann. The innovative rd:z series combines several advantages: The pad mixture is optimized to produce less and at the same time lighter brake dust.

This keeps the rims cleaner. The service life of rd:z brake pads is almost twice as long as standard pads and the dust-reduced pads also ensure that brake noise is minimized.

The cross-drilled sport brake discs from Zimmermann can convince the specialist workshop especially due to its cross-drillings and grooves. These holes and grooves ensure optimum braking performance by improving cooling behavior and supporting the dissipation of brake dust and water.

This results in a shorter braking distance under wet road conditions compared to a smooth brake disc.

“I have already heard a lot of positive things from customers about the Zimmermann brakes, am totally thrilled myself and have also installed the Zimmermann parts on my own vehicle. The performance is super. A car weighing 2 tons needs an appropriate brake to be able to brake this mass safely,” said Maruhn. 

The Otto Zimmermann company produces these brake discs exclusively at the Sinsheim plant in compliance with the highest quality standards.

For more than six decades, Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing sophisticated automotive components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. In addition to standard spare parts, the company also develops sports and premium brake discs for the requirements of motorsports and tuning.

Today, the production program comprises approximately 4,000 different brake components, which are sold via wholesalers and specialist dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Otto Zimmermann is a TecDoc “Premium Data Supplier.”


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