ZF Communicates Product Focus with Box Designs

Source: ZF Aftermarket

SCHWEINFURT, Germany – ZF Aftermarket has chosen to take a simplistic approach in their new TRW branded friction box design reminding buyers that the box means nothing if the part itself is not quality.

ZF Aftermarket launched TRW Ultra and TRW Pro friction lines in November 2019 with clean line packaging, going back to the basics and blueprints of the products.

Both the TRW Ultra and TRW Pro lines are perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the vehicle application. The new lines not only excitingly entered the market with new formulations, but also a new box design.

With a simple, clean design, ZF Aftermarket continues to tie their “It’s About the Part” campaign to its product messaging, reminding customers that an overly complex box does not ensure a great product. Turning the focus from the box to the product is the intent of the new design for the TRW friction lines.

What’s on the box, then?

The backside of the box has a blueprint of either a TRW Ultra or TRW Pro brake pad – further highlighting the fundamental importance of design and development. Key features and benefits of the brake pad line are highlighted, such as the slotted and chamfered OE configurations, installation hardware where applicable, a “fits right the first time” promise, and copper-free formulation.

The TRW Ultra and TRW Pro lines are both copper-free, putting the product lines ahead of the California copper-free legislation deadline of 2025. Technicians can reach out for more information through the social medias listed on the box.

More Information

The TRW Ultra and TRW Pro have their differences, even with a similar box design. The TRW Ultra brake pad line offers nearly 800 SKUs providing over 98 percent coverage for a wide range of vehicles up to 15 years old.

The line also features a CITEC coating, providing vehicles additional stopping performance during the break-in period. The TRW Pro line offers more than 1,000 SKUs providing over 98 percent coverage for vehicles up to 35 years old. With nearly 40 SKUs in both a ceramic and semi-metallic formulation, users can choose the product to best fit their needs.

Quality Expertise

TRW, a brand of ZF Aftermarket, is a leader in automotive technology and known for its high-quality OE standards and safety components. TRW Corner Module components, inclusive of braking, steering and suspension, are designed to work together perfectly in a vehicle, offering a high level of quality, innovation and safety.

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