TRQ Pads from ZF for Track-Bound Motorcycles

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Source: ZF announcement

Not every race track fan has a van at their disposal which they can use to transport their machine to the track. In fact, most riders of sports bikes and supermotos travel by road to race training or trackday. To avoid having to change the brake pads on the motorcycle for the journey, TRW has equipped its new TRQ racing pads with road approval. This means that once they arrive at the race track, after a short braking period, they are match-ready for competition use.

Modern sports bikes or supermotos offer both engine performance and chassis qualities that just a few years ago would have been more than adequate for use in world championship races. But when it comes to the brakes, there’s always been a gap between production and racing technology: No matter how good the production pads are, they often show fading and increased wear after a few fast laps. The desire for shorter braking distances also often arises. This is because the standard parts are usually optimized for use on the road.

The TRQ compound, however, offers a TRW branded brake pad developed for the race track, but due to its excellent controllability, can also be used on the road. In terms of grading, this puts it well above the SRT (Sinter Road & Track) compound, which is still available and can be classified in the road category. For maximum performance, the TRW brake experts recommend a light run-in at the start of the ride.

TRQ stands for Track Racing Quality; illustrating the real racing quality the designers intended. With its high, stable coefficient of friction and direct response, the sintered pad delivers outstanding performance on the track.

The innovative sintering process not only makes the product enormously resilient, but also ensures that the wear of the pad and disc is lower than usual in this category; helping to protect both the driver’s budget and the environment. The NRS hook system – where the steel back plates are equipped with dozens of profiled hooks – means the back plate and pad are permanently connected to each other. The size, orientation and arrangement of the hooks on the backing plate are precisely matched to the rubber material. During production, the sintered material is permanently anchored in the hook profile without the use of adhesives or other fasteners.

TRQ pads by TRW are available for more than 700 motorcycle models from specialist motorcycle dealers.

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