TMD Friction Unveils New Brand Video

TMD Friction has released a new corporate video to highlight its evolving brand strategy, emphasizing safety, sustainability, and innovation. This video aims to connect the company’s historical success as the world’s leading friction expert with its modern aspirations.

Key Highlights

  • Safety, sustainability, and innovation are the core themes.
  • Heritage of success: Over 140 years of trusted safety and excellence.
  • Modern aspirations: Commitment to sustainable mobility.
  • Emotional journey: The video captures the essence of TMD Friction’s transformation.
  • Visual appeal: Showcases challenging driving conditions to demonstrate product reliability.

David Baines, CEO of TMD Friction, emphasized, “TMD Friction has delivered trusted safety for over 140 years now and sets the standard of excellence in any driving condition, whatever the braking challenge. Pioneering braking technology, uncompromising performance, and delivering on the highest quality standards around the globe have always been the foundation of the company.”

Robert Roiger, Co-CEO of TMD Friction, added, “Nowadays, safe and sustainable mobility are inextricably linked, which is why we have made sustainability an integral part of our strategy.”

110 Years of OE Excellence

The video serves to communicate TMD Friction’s transformational journey both internally and externally. It takes viewers on an emotional journey, presenting facts and claims from the company’s history, such as “110 years of OE excellence,” to its current focus on “safe and sustainable mobility.” The video concludes with a message of trusted quality, featuring footage of hairpin turns, wet roads, and motorsport scenarios to underscore the reliability of TMD Friction’s products in the most challenging conditions. “Whatever the braking challenge, we accept it,” the video declares.

TMD Friction’s new corporate video not only showcases its rich heritage and commitment to safety but also highlights its dedication to sustainability and innovation. The video reaffirms the company’s stance as “The World’s No. 1 Friction Expert.”

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