Sangsin Brake America Announces New President

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Sangsin Brake America, a leading provider of brake solutions, has appointed H.J. Song as the new president, succeeding Kiwon Hoe. H.J. Song’s extensive experience within the company spans over three decades, including key roles both in Korea and the United States. His appointment marks a new chapter for Sangsin Brake America as it continues to expand its influence in the automotive aftermarket.

Since 1993, H.J. Song has dedicated his career to Sangsin Brake, starting at the corporate headquarters in Daegu, Korea. His early work in the corporate office laid the foundation for his future roles within the company. In 2006, Song transitioned to the overseas business department, highlighting his capability in managing international operations.

In 2009, Song made a significant move to California, where he was instrumental in establishing Sangsin’s first U.S. sales office. His efforts over the next decade significantly boosted Sangsin’s presence and sales in the American market. By 2020, Song’s contributions were recognized with a promotion to Executive Director of Overseas Business, leading to his return to the corporate office.

Song’s return to the United States in 2024 as the president of Sangsin Brake America signifies his commitment to driving the company’s success in the OE automotive aftermarket. His leadership is expected to continue fostering growth and innovation in the U.S. market.

About Sangsin Brake:

For over 50 years, Sangsin has been at the forefront of the braking industry, renowned for manufacturing some of the safest, quietest, and most reliable original equipment (OE) brake pads. The company’s brake pads are a preferred choice for automakers globally, ensuring vehicles roll off the assembly line with Sangsin’s trusted products. Sangsin’s innovative brake pad technology has now been introduced to the North American market, offering vehicle owners access to premium OEM brake pads and aftermarket replacement parts.

By continuing to leverage its rich history and technological advancements, Sangsin Brake remains a pivotal player in the global automotive industry, dedicated to providing high-quality braking solutions.

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