Safety PoolTM Scenario Database for Testing AVs Launched

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Source: WMG at the University of Warwick announcement

COVENTRY, U.K. — The Safety PoolTM Scenario Database, the largest public repository of scenarios for testing autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the world, has been launched by WMG at the University of Warwick, and Deepen AI.

The database provides a diverse set of scenarios in different operational design domains (ODDs i.e., operating conditions) that can be leveraged by governments, industry and academia alike to test and benchmark Automated Driving Systems (ADSs) and use insights to inform policy and regulatory guidelines.

Initial scenarios have been generated using a novel hybrid methodology developed by WMG using both knowledge-based and data-based approaches.

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The Safety PoolTM Scenario Database will allow organizations to create scenarios in their own libraries, collaborate with other organizations via both shared and public libraries and enable the public to submit challenging real-world scenarios.

Enabling scenarios to be matched to specific environments and operating conditions means that trials and tests can be undertaken in the simulated environment, controlled test facilities and on public roads, with evidence from each environment being used to inform our understanding of safe behaviors, bringing Autonomous Vehicles closer to market at pace.

It is becoming ever more apparent that Autonomous Vehicles and the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) that they enable are one of today’s most exciting technological advances with industry, academia and governments investing in the research and development of safe and secure Autonomous Vehicles.

CAM will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a global impact on societal issues around road safety, traffic efficiency and emissions.

However, to ensure that Autonomous Vehicles are road-ready and will be safer than the average human driver, it has been suggested that they must be tested on 11 billion miles of roads, an insurmountable goal in the real world.

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Therefore, the ability to test on virtual roads in simulation environments is paramount for manufacturers and government bodies to ensure safe behaviors and assure that Autonomous Vehicles are a positive influence on road safety.

The true test of an Autonomous Vehicles will not be in just the number of miles driven, but also the quality and complexity of those miles, leading to a widespread industry adoption of a scenario-based testing approach to ensure that the Autonomous Vehicle’s behaviors and capabilities are ready for the real world.

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