Randon Companies: innovation and sustainability highlight auto parts portfolio at Fenatran

Castertech, JOST Brasil, Master and Suspensys will showcase exclusive technologies for the electrification of fleets. Solutions using nanotechnology, which result in even lighter, stronger and more sustainable components, will also be in evidence at the trade fair

At the 23rd Fenatran, the Auto Parts Vertical of Randon Companies will present to the market unprecedented solutions to the challenges of commercial transportation. Several innovations and updates, with the application of nanotechnology, translate into robust products which are, nevertheless, lighter than previous versions, with gains in competitiveness for the operator. The success in developing technologies aimed at electrification should also mark the company’s participation in the fair.

“At Fenatran, we will show the company’s most recent moves towards developing solutions aligned to the world trends in mobility. In this aspect, the ESG agenda is our priority – we strongly invest in innovation, always looking towards a sustainable future”, says Ricardo Escoboza, Superintendent Director of the Auto Parts Vertical of Randon Companies.

Suspensys highlights the e-Sys, a system of regenerative electric auxiliary action, which is synonymous with innovation in electromobility. Featuring technologies developed exclusively by the company and registered under global patents, the e-Sys represents an unprecedented advancement in the segment of electrification and hybridization of commercial vehicles. At the fair, it will be available for sale, with its own battery and VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). Besides the e-Sys, the new Unisys air suspension, for road equipment, and the Full Air suspension, with superior absorption capacity that preserves the vehicle structure and the sidewalk, are also highlights within a series of innovations in on-board electronics, safety, weight optimization and durability.

Randon Companies: innovation and sustainability highlight auto parts portfolio at Fenatran

Castertech Fundição e Tecnologia highlights lightness and resistance with the launch of the concept line N-Series Materials, through nanotechnology in the formulation of products, in partnership with Instituto Hercílio Randon (IHR) and NIONE. Another novelty is the long-life bearings, with longer durability than conventional bearings. The public will also be able to see the lightest wheel hubs in the market, with an average weight reduction of 22%, and the new configuration of the front hub with brake discs for use in electric traction buses – already in commercial production.

Also with the collaboration of IHR and NIONE, Master Sistemas Automotivos arrives at Fenatran with novelties in nanotechnology. One of the products is the brake spider developed with niobium particles. The structural change reduced the product’s weight by about 20%, increasing its resistance and durability. The expertise in innovation of the joint venture of Randon Companies with the American Meritor is also shown in the launching of the panel valve, with its own technology and 100% domestic production. The disc brake is also one of the highlights, with new configurations and national components. Another novelty is the VHO Chamber, synonym of robustness and already sold in the automotive segment.

After years of development, JOST Brasil marks its entry into a new market segment with the launch of its bus articulation. Applied to urban vehicles, the solution is entirely manufactured in Brazil and is already used by Mercedes-Benz. Another launch is the new Fifth Wheel Off-Road, in the models JSK 38CXS and JSK 38CXW. The solution is even more robust and has the largest load capacity in the market. It features several technological options in a modular concept, one of the pillars of the new positioning of Randon Companies in the development of technologies for transportation. The new Off-road Fifth Wheel is the best option for off-road applications, especially in the sugar cane and forestry segments.

In terms of sustainability, the Fifth Wheel models also stand out thanks to LubeTronic, a device that releases biodegradable grease in a controlled manner. In addition, the polymeric plates, coupled to the Fifth Wheel with an easy-to-fix system, eliminate the use of grease and reduce downtime, increasing vehicle availability and reducing maintenance costs. Following the same concept, the New JOST Spherical Coupling has a polymeric cap on the tip, eliminating the need for lubrication with grease.

The onboard electronics is also a highlight with coupling sensors, automated opening (air release) and integrated camera (kingpin finder). The company also reserves for Fenatran its new forged aluminum wheel, in an even lighter version and with the highest load capacity of the market. Five times more resistant and 45% lighter than the steel version, the model brings a series of advantages, such as the reduction of the combination’s total weight, allowing for a greater load capacity and lower fuel consumption.


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