Powerstop New Track Day Brake Upgrades in a Box

LAS VEGAS – The following is excerpted from a post on TURNOLOGY.com from its coverage of this year’s SEMA show and the new Powerstop products.

While at SEMA, we got a chance to check in with Powerstop to hear more about its low-cost, high-performance brake upgrades in a box, aptly named Track Day. The aim is simple: by removing the guesswork out of part numbers and mixing manufacturers, avoiding wrong parts, or backorders to put all the brake components together to create the Platform Specific Trackday, or PST package. The Powerstop product was developed and boxed-up as everything a track day warrior or enthusiast racer needs to make a quick purchase and upgrade, all in one click.

“Track days are expensive with all of the fuel, parts, and transportation. We wanted to make a simple, affordable brake upgrade that performed well with low-dust and low-noise, too,” says Rodion Galperin, marketing director at Powerstop. “We teamed up with the Bondurant School to test and come up with a brake friction formula, designed platform-by-platform, right down to horsepower and slick tire usage. This product is what came out of it — the Powerstop Track Day.”

The Track Day package replaces everything that comes out of the caliper itself. Included are carbon-fiber/metallic pads that offer a high cold coefficient of friction and only bite harder as the temperature increases. The driver will notice a superior pedal feel and predictable pedal modulation. But, at the same time, these pads don’t chew through rotors or make lots of noise and dust while doing it. Designed for use with the high-carbon Powerstop rotors, as well, it can all be ordered in the same package to play nice with all the Powerstop components all at once.

There is also a version of the package with more advanced upgrades called the Track Day Spec. Because the needs of a Spec Miata are going to be different than that of an autocross Miata which has to get its owner to work on Monday. The overall mission here was still to save money in the package while reducing the amount of time shopping for all these parts separately versus going out and racing instead.

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