Pagid Racing Track Support for a Decisive Advantage

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Source: TMD Performance post

ESSEN, Germany – In motorsport, only those who are using brake material on which they can rely 100 percent and that is perfectly tuned for the intended purpose of use, will be able to celebrate success at the race track. PAGID Racing engineers are on site at motorsport events around the world, providing Track Support which helps the OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) clients, dealer and partner teams derive the maximum from their brake products.

“Choice of the optimal brake material brings the decisive competitive advantage in a race,” explained Xabier Ugarte, chief engineer at PAGID Racing. “The later you brake, the longer you are using the power and the faster you can get through the corners,”. “Therefore, it is important to find the optimal balance between performance of the brake material on one hand and wear on the other.”

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Competition brake components are put under an extreme load at the racetrack and are relevant in terms of performance and safety for drivers. In the development process of the optimal brake pad, numerous load spectrum factors have to be taken into account: from the race track and the external conditions via handling of the car, driver preferences and the vehicle concept as such up to brake system, anti-lock brake equipment and the tires.

Regulations of the respective race series are playing a role as well: for instance, exchanging brake pads can usually be done without loss of time in races with a minimum pit stop time. In this case, there is even more focus on performance characteristics while advising brake pads.

For the PAGID Racing application engineers and technicians, work already starts at the factory.

By means of specifically developed software tools, the possible brake products for the intended application are selected on the computer and characterized on the test bed.

With a pre-selection of various brake material combinations for the front and the rear axle, the process continues at the racetrack. There, various vehicle data such as brake pressure and brake disc temperature are measured that give an insight into the performance of the material.

Together with the feedback from the driver and the on-site analysis, these data result into the optimal brake pad combination.

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