NRS Brakes New Galvanized Pads for Dodge Caravan

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TORONTO – NRS Brakes has introduced its galvanized brake pads engineered for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

NRS Brakes’ premium brake pads are designed to support the safety and performance of the Dodge Grand Caravan and its many long-time drivers.

These brake pads for the Dodge Grand Caravan offer best-in-class friction to deliver superior performance, advanced noise cancelling piston cushions and shims, a patented mechanical attachment and fully galvanized steel backing plates, which prevents issues related to rust and corrosion that many other brake pads face.

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Premium brake pads from NRS Brakes for the Dodge Grand Caravan require significantly fewer replacements, making them the most affordable option based on total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle.

To view a complete listing of the company’s galvanized brake pads and vehicle compatibility, please visit

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