NRS Brakes Adds Lexus IS300/350 Pads

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Source: NRS Brakes announcement

TORONTO – Complementing the Lexus IS300 and IS350, which are known for being “stand out loud,” NRS Brakes offers the quiet assurance that comes with its outstanding noise-canceling brake pad piston cushions and shims. The new line of premium brake pads created for both the Lexus IS300 and Lexus  IS350 is durable, affordable and sustainable.

With galvanized steel that prevents rust and corrosion, NRS brake pads deliver the best value based on total cost of ownership. Likewise, the pads  are never made with copper or lead, leading to an environmentally clean and long-lasting brake pad.

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In addition, the company’s high standards include best-in-class friction and fewer replacements to drive excellent performance and help Lexus drivers enjoy their luxury ride in style. To view a complete listing of NRS galvanized brake pads and vehicle compatibility, visit

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