MaxPower Friction Doubles Its Capacity

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Source: MaxPower Friction announcement

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — MaxPower Friction Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Corsteel Hydraulics, a world leading provider of manufacturing equipment for the automotive and friction industry.

With the addition of a new 400 Ton Positive Molding Hydraulic Press, MaxPower has doubled its capacity and can provide a shorter lead time for its valued customers. It can now produce an additional 30,000 sets of air disc or 60,000 sets of heavy-duty brake pads per year.

MaxPower Inc. is looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Corsteel and utilizing their expertise to help continue its expansion in the years to come.

About MaxPower Friction

MaxPower Friction Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer specializing in disc brake pads. With decades of experience in positive molding technology and the application of state-of-the-art facilities, the company produces premium disc brake pads with equivalent quality of original-equipment products at competitive after-market price. Pursuance of excellence and continuous innovation are its key organizational consensus, customer satisfaction is its top priority.

Process: MaxPower Friction applies single layer equal pressure hot press to brake pads molding; One pad with a separate hydraulic cylinder, pressing four separate molds with equal ratio pressure leads to incredible density consistency.

Molds cutting: Wire EDM machine for tool and die cutting enables the company to make any FMSI D# mold quickly and precisely.

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Four molds equal pressure press with WEDM cutting molds meet requirement of small quantity D# orders.

Standardized molds design avoids molds-dimension variation.

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