Master Power Brakes New Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve

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MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Picture it, summer, 2021.

You finally get to pop the hood of your vintage ride at a car show you have been eagerly anticipating for months.

You are about to show off the engine you have been working on and start talking shop with a bunch of fellow hot rod enthusiasts.

And there it is. That ugly check valve is ruining the look of your brake booster and putting a damper on your classic car experience. If you are like us, every time you pop the hood, your eyes will focus on that one area.

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You’re in luck. Master Power Brakes has a brand-new product you will want to check out before you travel to your next big event. It’s not only a prettier part, but it also has better functionality.

Here’s the rundown on our new Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve—with all the details and benefits you need to know.

What Is a Brake Booster Check Valve?

Simply put, the Brake Booster Check Valve allows the movement of air in one direction but not the other. It truly is a very simple check valve.

When the engine or vacuum pump is running, either of these components are pulling a vacuum on the brake booster. This allows the brake booster to hold that vacuum for the next operation of the brake booster. If there were no check valve in the booster, there wouldn’t be a way to hold that vacuum in the booster.

Should the Brake Booster Check Valve fail, no vacuum will be held on the brake booster, and the brake pedal will not have the proper feel. The result will be the dreaded hard pedal.

How Is the Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve Different?

The Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve from Master Power Brakes is an excellent replacement for your standard, plastic check valve.

Our new brake booster check valve is not only much more attractive than its ugly predecessor, but it is also manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum. That means it is highly resistant to stress, cracking, and corrosion. Billet aluminum is going to withstand the heat of an engine much better than plastic.

With a black anodized finish, this new brake booster check valve maintains its metallic appearance and is easy to clean. The high-performance coating has a long lifespan and does not chip or peel. The anodized aluminum is chemically stable and will not decompose.

What Are the Benefits of the Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve?

Our Billet Aluminum Brake Booster Check Valve eliminates the possibility of breakage because it is not plastic. The other check valve can become brittle over time due to heat from the engine. You will not have that problem with a product made from aluminum.

The entire post can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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