LSP Readies Formula E Brake-by-Wire Systems

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Source: LSP Innovative Automotive Systems GmbH post

UNTERFÖHRING, Germany – After a forced intermission due to Covid-19, the sixth season of Formula E came to an end in mid-August in Berlin. LSP Innovative Automotive Systems Gmbh provided brake-by-wire systems for nine of the 11 teams, 18 racecars.

Six races had to be contested in just nine days – a tall order for drivers, teams and cars – but this made it all the more important for teams to have reliable partners and components for their cars.

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LSP Updates Its Brake-by-Wire Systems

LSP GmbH once again lived up to its reputation as a world-class motorsport supplier.

“In 11 races, with nine customer teams and two vehicles in each team, that translates to over 200 race days in the sixth season – and once again not a single incident could be attributed to our IBSe,” said project manager Simon Zollitsch with delight.

Now it is time get down to business: more than 60 brake-by-wire systems from Formula E need to be checked, cleaned and updated to the latest version, IBSe 7 HP. Although the process is complex, it guarantees that next season all of the drivers with IBSe in their cars will not only be able to finish with their best possible times, but also with 100 percent safety.

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