KEB Intros High Capacity Spring-Set Load Brakes

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Source: Design World post

SHAKOPEE, Minn. – KEB America has introduced its new High Capacity Load brake. The brakes use a spring-set (power-off) design and are electrically released. The brakes are offered in graduated sizes up to 3200Nm (2360 ft-lb).

“These brakes are ideal for critical lifting applications that require secondary braking. This includes cranes, hoists, and lifts,” said KEB Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bullick.

The brakes feature a number of standard features including noise reduction, a manual bolt release mechanism, and an integrated mounting flange.

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Brake options include a microswitch for engagement feedback, a manual hand release, and an IP54 rated cover.

The brakes are manufactured at KEB America’s facility outside Minneapolis, MN, and are available for sale immediately.

Karl Ernst Brinkmann started KEB in 1972 with the Combibox – a combination clutch/brake. It was innovative. It increased throughput and machine performance. It gave customers increased flexibility while reducing installation time and complexity. KEB’s product range has since grown but it is still achieving these things for its customers.

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