ITT Smart Pad® Does More than Stop a Vehicle

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The ITT Smart Pad® brake pad is a first-of-its-kind sensor-embedded and connected brake pad that transforms the ubiquitous friction technology from passive automotive components into an active system that collects real-time data to improve driving safety and efficiency.

Designed to address major current and future-forward automotive technological trends that are at the heart of our clients’ emerging needs, the revolutionary ITT Smart Pad® brake pad is a step in defining the future of mobility, including alternative powertrains, autonomous driving, and mobility as a service among an array of other anticipated developments.

Sensors embedded in every ITT Smart Pad® brake pad actively measure temperature, pressure distribution, torque, residual torque, vibration, noise and wear, and then feed all the data – in real-time – to the overall braking system and vehicle’s data and telematics systems.

Proprietary sensors and software enable increased safety, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity throughout vehicles. Further exploring beyond the limits of existing micro-sensors and electronics technologies, the ITT Smart Pad® brake pad can withstand the harsh environments, high pressure, and temperatures brake pads are exposed to regularly.

Defining the Next Phase of the “Go-To-Market” Strategy for the ITT Smart Pad®

The highly innovative ITT Smart Pad® brake pad project is being supported by funding within “POR FESR Piemonte 2014-2020, ASSE I, Action I.1b.1.1,” a fund of Regione Piemonte (Italy) with a mission to sponsor regional projects starting from previous results of basic research activities and going into the industrial environment and marketable products.

The funds provided within POR FESR Piemonte 2014-2020 have been used to accomplish the following goals:

Development, starting from previous research results, of ITT Smart Pad® brake pad advanced prototypes (ready to be industrialized).

Development of the required innovation into the brake pad manufacturing process, defining and designing optimized or new phases and components (back-end and front-end) appropriate to produce these innovative brake pads.

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