International GT Gets Surface Transforms Sponsorship

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Source: Surface Transforms announcement

LIVERPOOL, U.K. — Surface Transforms PLC, the U.K.-based internationally recognised developer, manufacturer and supplier of carbon-ceramic materials, has announced its sponsorship of the United States International GT Car Racing Championships. The agreement will see Surface Transforms as an event sponsor and braking partner for two years from January 2022.

This sponsorship deal has been established in collaboration with U.S. distributor HCF Brake Systems and will see Surface Transforms support the entire 2022 and 2023 championships.

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International GT is a North American racing series that includes three different championships for late model Porsche and Ferrari competitors.

Home primarily to sports drivers, with the occasional professional driver/coach joining the action in endurance races, International GT annually presents The Stuttgart Cup, Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy and The Maranello Cup championships. The Stuttgart Cup includes Cayman 3.4 and 3.8-liter cars. The Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy features 996, 997 and other GT3 Cup cars from the last decade. The Maranello Cup includes Ferrari 360, 430 and 458 challenge spec cars. All classes compete for season-long sprint championships.

Specifically, to support this race series, Surface Transforms have partnered with HCF Brake Systems to offer a race package that includes discs and matched pads to exactly meet the duty cycle experienced in this class of racing. Teams electing to run the Surface Transforms brake systems will benefit from direct track-side support throughout the season, provided by HCF Brake Systems.

Price Cobb, Managing Director at HCF Brake Systems said, “As a racer myself, I got to test some of the earliest carbon-carbon rotors available back in the day and it was quickly apparent that although every manufacturer had their own version of the carbon rotor, there was one that stood out and that was the more continuous-fiber approach.

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“It was also obvious that for these new miracle carbon brakes to work on the street, something had to change and along came ceramics. From that point forward, it was game on, and Surface Transforms rose to and met the need in a big way.”

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