HCF Named U.S. Rep by Surface Transforms

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Source: Surface Transforms announcement

LIVERPOOL, U.K. — Surface Transforms PLC, a U.K.-based internationally recognized developer, manufacturer and supplier of carbon-ceramic materials and the U.K.’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use, has appointed HCF Brake Systems as its representative distributor in North America.

Surface Transforms PLC utilises proprietary next-generation carbon-ceramic material – CCST – to create lightweight brake discs for high-performance automotive applications.

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The unique 3D matrix carbon-ceramic weave technology developed by Surface Transforms produces a stronger and more durable product with three times the heat conductivity compared to their competitors. This reduces the brake system operating temperature, resulting in increased life of components whilst maintaining at least the same brake performance. Surface Transforms’ unique patented carbon-ceramic technology provides the ultimate braking performance for road, track and other specialist applications.

Based in Austin, Texas, HCF Brake Systems is a sister company of HCF Autosport who provide performance drivetrain solutions and wider automotive services for supercars and race cars, across the U.S.

“Surface Transforms rotors are a world class product that outperform the chopped fibre factory fitment rotors on every level,” said John Burer, HCF owner.

Price Cobb, Managing Director of HCF Brake Systems said: “I was well aware of the pros and cons of the standard OE Carbon Ceramic rotors found on our cars today yet unaware of what could be done about it until I found Surface Transforms,” said Price Cobb, HCF managing director. “Heat is the enemy of the carbon ceramic, until that is Surface Transforms came up with the continuous fiber construction process for the Carbon Ceramic rotor.

“Early in my professional racing career I was involved in testing the then new technology carbon brake rotors. These pure carbon brakes worked wonderfully in a racing environment but were lacking in the more common street driven environment.

“This deficit in the street-car environment is why the carbon-ceramic rotor came to pass. It wasn’t long before consumers could see that the standard Carbon Ceramic rotor couldn’t stand up to prolonged hard use in large part because of the way these common OE (Original Equipment) rotors were being manufactured.

“Along came the folks at Surface Transforms who felt the same as there had to be a way to give long life & withstand elevated track temps. No matter how you look at it, or compare them, the technology found in the Surface Transforms rotors surpasses all the standard OE stuff handily both on and off the track!”.

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Tim Mason, Business Development Manager – U.S. & APAC at Surface Transforms said, “I’m very happy to welcome aboard HCF Brake Systems in Austin TX.  Owner John Burer has dealt with the target audience for many years through parent Company HCF Autosport.

“Price Cobb is legendary and known throughout the industry so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what we can achieve”.

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