HORIBA Expands Its Oberursel Particle Calibration Lab

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Source: HORIBA announcement

OBERURSEL, Gernany –  HORIBA, a leading supplier and innovation driver of vehicle test systems, is expanding its particle calibration laboratory at the Oberursel, Germany site, thus doubling its capacity for the calibration of particle counters.

Thanks to the new premises, covering an area of approximately 105 square meters, HORIBA is now able to perform Solid Particle Counting System (SPCS) calibrations on a larger scale and accelerate order processing for its customers.

The increased capacity now enables even more flexible quality control, maintenance and calibration of particle counters for both test cell and mobile measurement technology (OBS-ONE-PN). Thus, in the future, it will not only be possible to calibrate and maintain particle counters down to 10 nanometers in the larger laboratory, but also the particle measurement technology for brake test stands.

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Joel Danzer | HORIBA

“Thanks to the larger area and the doubling of capacity at our location in Oberursel, we are able to carry out the maintenance and calibration of particle counters completely independently. This results in a faster order processing for our customers,” explained Patrice Moubea, Service Group Leader for particle counting at HORIBA. “In addition, the newly provided technical resources, such as particle generators and classifiers, will further optimize the quality of technical customer support. Our in-house expertise enables us to continuously improve our service to our customers at home and abroad.”

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The new laboratory is part of HORIBA’s global strategy to expand its testing capabilities in order to continue to provide optimal support and service to its customers. It complies with the ISO 17025 standard and thus meets all necessary requirements in terms of quality and reliability of testing and calibration methods.

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