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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — Last year, Haldex joined NEXUS, a global international trading group for automotive aftermarket. And international means just that; as a relative latecomer to the aftermarket, recognizing that inside Europe a relatively well-developed aftermarket existed already, it has moved instead into the Middle East, Africa, North Americas, China and Asia-Pacific, said Janusz Zielinski, its global manager of heavy-duty business.

Like every most of trading groups, NEXUS serves to bring together and facilitate greater business between buyers, which are parts distributors in a local area, of which it has nearly 2,000, and sellers (global parts suppliers) which number 75.

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The entire business accounts for €35 billion of sales. There are no hard and fast rules about the number of distributors it recruits, except that “we want to grow the community globally, but while respecting the interests of all our members,” he added. Meanwhile, suppliers belong to one of three groups: ‘strategic’, ‘preferred’ or ‘listed’.

NEXUS now has distributor customers around the world, supported by 18 local legal entities providing business development. For example, its ‘IAMaga’ concept aims to improve the supply of parts to African countries by combining shipments to smaller members. The goods, which are sourced from a wide-ranging supply base, are combined into one shipment to a final distributor, a NEXUS member.

Other regional structures include China (Nexmento), Eurasia (Germany, Turkey, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia), Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine) Nordic/Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Island), Adriatic (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia) as well as single-country operations in France, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and North America. A total of 138 countries are reached.

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Zielinski’s title gives away another key difference to other trading groups, a focus on commercial vehicles. Although the commercial-vehicle market is smaller (than the car and light commercial-vehicle segment), it was important when the business set up in 2014, and remains so, particularly after 2018 when Zielinski came on board.

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