Haldex Shows Grau Brand at Automechanika

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LANDSKRONA, Sweden – In advance of this year’s Automechanika next month in Frankfurt, Haldex’s Göran Jarl, Vice President of Aftermarket EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa), provided an overview on the company’s plans for the aftermarket exposition. In this post, he discusses the company’s commitment to a dual-brand strategy:

Haldex has a long history in the commercial vehicle industry, both in the aftermarket and for vehicle manufacturers, in foundation brake products, drum and disc brakes and as well as suspensions and EBS/ABS systems. The company supports aftermarket customers through a range of services ranging from in-person visits to telephone backup and even digital services, of which several will be highlighted at Automechanika.

The Swedish-headquartered global Tier One commercial vehicle supplier’s history of exhibiting at Automechanika goes back a couple of decades. “It’s a fantastic melting pot of anything in the aftermarket for all vehicles,” enthuses Haldex aftermarket VP of sales Göran Jarl. “It has become ever more relevant for industrial and commercial vehicles over the last five to six shows. At the event we will speak to distributors, workshops and fleets small and large.”

A big element of the stand this year is Haldex’s second brand, Grau. To adapt to changing market conditions, Haldex now offers not only its own-brand range of brake and suspension systems, parts and accessories, but also a range of price-competitive, all-makes parts for both trailer and truck applications. Haldex continues to add products to the Grau range every month and has a plan to continue doing so for the next few years.

The only reason why the company does not launch the entire range at once is because of the time required for it to review the products to make sure that they meet the company’s internal quality standards. Göran Jarl explains: “We use our knowledge about vehicles and products to make sure that we approve the parts that we sell under the Grau brand, which might or might not be produced by Haldex. We stand behind the Grau brand.”

The Grau range has a number of advantages for the aftermarket customer. First, its competitive pricing opens up the possibility of fitting Haldex-supplied parts in areas where they were not previously considered, such as in the latter part of the lifecycle of trucks and trailers, or in markets of Europe that are particularly price-conscious.

Another benefit is wider coverage. While Haldex has traditionally focused on trailers, the Grau range covers trucks too. And while Haldex-branded parts mainly fit Haldex systems, Grau parts fit many other competitor brands of braking and suspension systems. That means that Grau provides the Haldex customer with a single-source supply for many different types of vehicles.

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Or, to put it another way, it may offer customers with an alternative source of readily available parts in today’s stressed supply chain situation. offering more customer contact and greater flexibility.

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