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LANDSKRONA, Sweden — Most customers probably think of Haldex as a commercial vehicle components manufacturer; and, of course it is; manufacturing and supplying not only brakes but also suspension and braking components and other equipment for vehicles worldwide. 

But that is not all it does, by any means.

To support the safe and effective operation and maintenance of its parts, Haldex also acts as a publisher, a training provider and technical support organization. Not only does it provide these varied additional offerings, and in multiple European languages (English, French and German at least), but also mostly free of charge. The examples below offer more detail and highlight new developments.

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These services are developed by Haldex’s European Technical Services Organization, now four years old. Its technicians and service engineers bring real-world expertise, as well as their engineering passion, to educate customers and help them solve problems.

Trailer Application Guide

Starting from an overhead image of a tractor-trailer combination, the Trailer Application Guide locates Haldex components around the vehicle. It acts like a table of contents for its parts inventory, and clicking on a part provides an overview and more technical information. This service is available for free, 24/7, with no registration required.

Diagnostics assistant. A new section within U-ABS includes step-by-step diagnostics assistance to support workshops. As not all workshops are able to provide every technician with a laptop computer, the diagnosis assistant can be printed, complete with fields that need filling in, and stored for future reference. Work is currently ongoing to replicate this system for EBS, too.

Modul-T parts search. To be made available in English, French, German and also Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech and Russian, it will help customers across Europe identify parts needed for these popular air disc brakes. This system is also being expanded to cover the latest Gen 2 Modul-T brakes.


Haldex’s load sensing valves make sure that brake performance always matches what drivers on the road need by modulating a vehicle’s braking pressure depending on how heavily the vehicle is loaded (static load). As the valve is not pre-set with suspension and brake pressures dedicated to a specific trailer, the installer must do this. For a steel suspension, it needs to calculate a lever length; for air suspension, it must calculate a mechanical pivot point, in both cases according to a mathematical formula.

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Vehicle safety and efficiency depends on the accuracy of this calculation. A new online calculator available in English, French and German language helps customers carry out this work, speeding up the process and reducing the risk of mistakes. Once completed, the results can be printed out for future reference.

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