GALFER Launches CUBIQ® Discs for Motorcycles

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Source: GALFER announcement

BARCELONA – GALFER, a leading brake components brand, has published its new catalogue of innovative CUBIQ® brake discs, compatible with more than 300 models of road motorcycles and V-Twin motorcycles.

A few months after its presentation at the recent edition of EICMA, and having completed the development and validation phase, GALFER released its new catalogue of CUBIQ® brake discs for top sports motorcycle brands in the market, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM and Triumph, as well as for most of the customizable V-Twin models of Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles and Victory.

The new CUBIQ® brake disc concept is characterized by the shape of the braking track, in the form of hexagons similar to the crystalline structure of steel molecules. This enhances cooling and significantly reduces the weight, thus improving the maneuverability of the motorcycle.

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The main features and benefits of the new GALFER CUBIQ® brake disc are:

BETTER COOLING PERFORMANCE: The increased convection perimeter provides a greater cooling surface, thus improving heat dissipation.

LIGHTER WEIGHT AND REDUCED DYNAMIC IMBALANCE : The specific CUBIQ® design allows the weight of the brake disc to be reduced significantly, without sacrificing performance. The reduced unsprung mass improves agility and motorcycle maneuverability (gyroscopic effect).

HOMOGENEOUS WEAR OF THE BRAKE PADS: The CUBIQ® design optimizes the wear resistance of the brake pads.

STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: By understanding the dynamic requirements of today’s motorcycles, and applying a simulation model using contemporary elements, we have designed a geometry that optimizes the mass-heat dissipation ratio.

INSPIRED BY STEEL MOLECULES: The name CUBIQ® is derived from the crystalline structure of steel molecules.

The more popular models of the new CUBIQ® brake disc will be available from September 2020. The retail price is €115.00 for the fixed version (Q) and €225.00 for the floating version (FLQ).

Download the new CUBIQ® brake disc catalogue by clicking HERE.

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