GALFER Launches #Backtobrake Global Campaign

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Source: GALFER announcement excerpt

BARCELONA – With a complete range of brake pads and discs, that meet the technical requirements for all types of motorcycles and bicycles (competition, race, urban and off-road), GALFER is ready to return to the track. And, as ever, it guarantees its customers and users excellent braking performance.

The difficult historical and economic moment because of COVID-19, is forcing the international two-wheel vehicle industry to take on the most difficult challenge in its history. It also compels us to deploy all the resources possible to make people aware of the vital importance of two-wheel vehicles.

#BACKTOBRAKE is GALFER’s restart anthem. It reflects the company’s determination to return to pre-pandemic times, because it understands that those who live on passion and adrenaline that only their sport can provide them with, are eager to get back on our two-wheelers, whether electric, engine-driven, or pedal-powered.

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And the company wants this to make a difference both ethically, by ensuring compliance with the most basic rules of social distancing, and ecologically, by using a healthier and more sustainable way of getting around.

In fact, the use of two-wheel vehicles (motorcycles and bicycles) has many advantages over four-wheel vehicles and public transport, including:

1.- Safer and more hygienic means of transport in terms of virus spread since it is easier to maintain a safe distance between people and you avoid the mass use of public transport.

2.- Less traffic congestion in big cities and reduced CO2 emissions.

3.- More efficient means of transport thanks to shorter travel times, low energy consumption, and less space required for parking.

In a market such as Europe, world leader in the manufacture of mopeds, motorcycles and accessories for two-wheeled vehicles, the GALFER’s #BACKTOBRAKE campaign aims to spread a message of positivity and to invite people to put their two-wheelers to use again. The campaign is aimed at the large audience of user enthusiasts, fans, professional racers, and the brand’s ambassadors.

Today the world of cycling and motorcycling can, and must, become a collective symbol of the international restart. It is a challenge that we are ready to take on, and one that we are sure will allow us, as these sports demonstrate, to raise the standard to achieve better results and new impetus.

#BACKTOBRAKE is inspired by the film trilogy “Back to the Future” and seeks to jumpstart your return to your passion and your desire to always push yourself further, perfect that jump you’ve tried so many times, feel the wind in your face and the engine purr beneath you, and to experience that excitement and adrenaline again. But from now on, with a new social conscience and a greater respect for our planet. So, make sure you make the right decision, and get back on your motorcycle or bicycle.

The entire announcement can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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