High Performance For Mustang Features Semi-Metallic Brakes

DETROIT, Mich.–Ford has announced the all-new 2.3L High Performance Package for the 2020 Mustang EcoBoost. The new package includes various power and handling upgrades, as well as upgraded brakes.

The Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L High Performance Package adds larger four-piston fixed calipers with 13.9-inch front rotors directly from the Mustang GT. One of the features of the Handling Package is the addition of semi-metallic brakes. Semi-metallic refers to the material of the pads, which are identical to the ones on the Mustang GT.

Semi-metallic brake pads are comprised of anywhere between 30 percent and 70 percent metals including copper, iron, steel, or other composite alloys.” The metals are then combined with fillers such as graphite lubricant that complete the construction of the brake pad.

Performance-oriented drivers like metallic brake pads because they improve braking performance in a range of temperatures and driving conditions. Metal brake pads conduct heat better than ceramics, and they are able to take more heat, and they are better able to cool down fast. They don’t compress as much as organic brakes either.

There are some disadvantages of metallic brake pads in that they are typically noisier than ceramic or organic brakes. Metal brakes tend to wear out brake rotors faster, too.

Semi-metallic brake pads provide most of the benefits of metal brakes, while adding a bit more durability and longevity.

David Kiley
David Kiley

David Kiley is Chief of Content for The BRAKE Report. Kiley is an award-winning business journalist and author, having covered the auto industry for USA Today, Businessweek, AOL/Huffington Post, as well as written articles for Automobile and Popular Mechanics.