Flair Air Selects Safran Brakes for 737 Aircraft

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Source: Safran Landing Systems announcement

PARIS — Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines has selected Safran Landing Systems wheels and carbon brakes to equip its 737NG and 737MAX aircraft fleet.

Safran Landing Systems will supply Flair with wheels, brakes and carbon heat sinks produced at its U.S.-based manufacturing plant in Walton, Ky. Flair’s operations will be supported by Safran Landing Systems’ commercial and technical aftersales organization in Canada and in the U.S.

The wheels & carbon brakes maintenance and logistics services will be provided in partnership with Hope Aero Propeller & Components, Canada’s leading aircraft component MRO specialist, from its facilities in Mississauga, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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This award reinforces Safran Landing Systems’ worldwide leading position on the 737NG and 737MAX wheels and carbon brakes market, with almost 3,500 airplanes equipped or committed to Safran, by more than operators.

This selection is also a testimony to Safran Landing Systems carbon material’s superior performance, especially in regards to its Anoxy®66 catalytic oxidation protection systems against runway deicers, which are commonly used in Flair’s route network.

 “As an ultra-low-cost carrier, Flair was seeking a turnkey, cost-effective wheels and brakes solution to support this new phase in our company’s history,” commented Guy Borowski, Vice President Maintenance at Flair. “Right from the beginning, Safran Landing Systems and its Canadian partner demonstrated a strong proactive approach to build a long-lasting partnership with Flair and to meet our aggressive requirements.

“Safran Landing Systems’ selection is also an important step for Flair in lowering its carbon footprint and becoming Canada’s greenest and most sustainable airline.”

Indeed, the operational advantages of the Safran carbon brake on the 737NG and 737MAX include a lighter weight compared with any other available steel or carbon option – up to 770 pounds (350 kg), which decreases fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.

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“We are delighted with our selection by Flair, and welcome the opportunity to provide efficient, high-performance products that will support Flair’s “F50” ambition to operate 50 aircraft within five years,” said Nicolas Potier, Executive Vice President, Wheels & Brakes Division, Safran Landing Systems. “This contract also reinforces our regional leadership position, with Safran Landing Systems supporting 100 percent of carbon brakes-equipped Boeing 737NG and 737MAX in Canada.”

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