Expanded Brake Caliper Coverage Boosts HELLA PAGID Offerings

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HELLA PAGID, a leading provider of automotive braking solutions, has announced the expansion of its brake caliper coverage with 78 new part numbers. This expansion aims to enhance braking performance and compatibility across a broad spectrum of vehicles, providing better support and reliability for consumers in North America.

Key Highlights

  • Expanded Coverage: HELLA PAGID now covers 9.5 million vehicle applications in the US and 2.7 million in Canada.
  • Premium Surface Treatment: The new cast iron calipers feature a premium surface treatment, offering durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Premium Accessories: Each caliper includes accessories such as grease, guide bolts, and rubber parts for easy installation and optimal performance.
  • Stringent Testing: Rigorous salt spray testing on calipers, pistons, and guide pins ensures high-quality performance under various conditions.
  • Integrated Accessories: Over 95% of the new calipers come with necessary accessories for specific vehicle brake systems.
  • Lightweight Design Focus: Emphasis on lighter aluminum calipers to enhance braking performance and reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

HELLA PAGID’s expanded brake caliper coverage now offers solutions for a wide array of vehicles on North American roads. This update is part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and reliability in the automotive industry.

“With the introduction of 78 new brake caliper models, HELLA PAGID continues its commitment to providing innovative and reliable braking solutions for our customers,” said Brian Couch, Product Manager at HELLA PAGID. “Our expanded coverage, premium features, and focus on sustainability underscore our dedication to driving safety and performance in the automotive industry.”

The new HELLA PAGID brake calipers are currently available and can be purchased through authorized distributors. For more information about the expanded brake caliper coverage and other HELLA PAGID products, visit Brake Calipers.


HELLA PAGID is a joint venture between HELLA, a global automotive supplier, and TMD Friction, a global leader in brake friction technology. Combining expertise in braking systems and components, the company delivers high-quality, reliable, and innovative braking solutions for vehicles worldwide.

For more details, visit www.hella.com.

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