Bremsen Technik Celebrating Two Decades of Success

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NORTH YORKSHIRE, U.K. –– It’s an exciting year for the Bremsen Technik Group, which is currently celebrating twenty years in business as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of automotive brake friction and associated components.

Established in late 2001 by founder and CEO, Brian Hall, the business started life as a simple hobby project with a focus on innovation, product development, and a commitment to meeting its customers’ requirements – core values that still hold true today and continue to be the driver of its success.

Located at their headquarters in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, Bremsen Technik started life as a two-person operation, acting as the UK’s technical and distribution partner for high-performance brake pad manufacturer, PAGID Racing. Coincidentally, the business has gone full circle with the location of its head office now located in the aptly named, Bremsen Technik House; the same building first occupied by the PAGID company twenty-seven years ago. Although it is now unrecognizable due to a major refurbishment in June 2020 and now provides a modern, spacious base of operations from which to grow.

Bremsen Technik

From its humble beginnings, Bremsen Technik now employs over 150 individuals and operates on a global scale across four main sectors. ‘Speciality Friction’, where the business started and which caters to the performance and motorsport industries, continues to be bread and butter for the Group and is just as important today as it was twenty years ago. In addition to this, the business is heavily involved in solutions for Commercial Vehicle Braking and the Remanufacturing of commercial vehicle braking systems, as well as offering a Parts Distribution network. Expansion into sustainable vehicle solutions is also an area of intense focus for the Group as it looks to develop green platforms and systems to support vehicles of the future.

There are many reasons for Bremsen Technik’s continued, sustained growth over the last twenty years. One such example is its commitment to quality. The in-house technical and engineering teams play a huge role in making sure that products are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standards before being released to the market. After all, products contain safety-critical components and play an instrumental role in keeping road users safe. Bremsen Technik is a company that is known for its dedication to quality and its staff are immensely proud of that fact.

But it isn’t just the technical knowledge and expertise that are key to the success of Bremsen Technik. The people who work there have been integral in making it what it is today. Everyone comes to work with the same positivity and determined attitude, and the business has been very focused on bringing together a group of individuals with the skills and knowledge that set it apart from its competitors.

Bremsen Tecknik
Brian Hall, founder and CEO of Bremsen Technik [left] stood next to the Group’s longest-serving employee, Paul Wilkinson – BTG’s Program Development Manager (Performance and Motorsport).

Speaking about the team and the last two decades, Brian Hall, Founder and CEO had this to say:

“Twenty years have flown by, and the main thing I want to say is ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you’ to my extended team who are a brilliant bunch of individuals and work across the globe – Bremsen Technik wouldn’t be here without you. Like all businesses, we’ve faced ups and downs but it’s the tenacity and the drive of our people that has seen us go from strength to strength.

Secondly, I want to thank our partners and customers for working with us and putting their trust in our products and services. We have relationships that span two decades, and hopefully, many more decades to come.
Let’s see what we can accomplish in the next twenty years!”

It is clear to see that no day at Bremsen Technik can be classed as boring, and whether the teams are working on a new customer brand, the introduction of a new product to the market, or simply updating their existing range of products – the company and its employees never standstill. And with responsibilities to protect the environment and increase safety on the road, every day poses a new challenge. The team at BTG embraces this and it will be fascinating to see what solutions they provide in the decades to come.

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