Brembo Launches ‘Brembo Solutions’, Bringing AI Innovations to a Broad Spectrum of Industries

Stezzano (Italy) – Brembo, a global leader in braking systems, has unveiled its new subsidiary, Brembo Solutions, aimed at providing digital solutions to clients across various industrial sectors, leveraging its substantial experience with artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This initiative not only extends Brembo’s digital expertise beyond the automotive market but also promotes the adoption of innovative and agile processes in other manufacturing industries.

These offerings are rooted in Brembo’s successful enhancements to its own production process, an initiative the company refers to as AI•Doing. This concept encapsulates Brembo’s hands-on experience with AI and its pragmatic implementation in the industrial realm.

“Brembo Solutions signifies an integral aspect of our strategic trajectory, envisioning us as a solution provider beyond just the automotive sector,” stated Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci. He added, “We are meeting a clear market demand, availing Brembo’s experience in digital innovation to any company aspiring to boost its efficiency and competitiveness. Our hands-on approach distinctly sets Brembo Solutions apart.”

This new Brembo entity brings a customized approach to companies across various sectors, ranging from textiles and food to the iron and steel industry, and large-scale distribution, among others. A prominent firm in the fashion industry has been announced as its first client.

Through its AI•Doing approach, Brembo leverages advanced AI applications to ensure superior product quality and heightened production efficiency. Moreover, the company is cultivating data models to facilitate more data-driven decision-making processes.


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