Blubrake, Shimano Up Safety for E-bikes

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Source: Blubrake announcement

MILAN, Italy — E-bikes and e-cargo bikes have earned a fundamental role in future mobility and due to such exponential growth, their use is opening up to an increasingly wide audience: hence the need to develop effective solutions to increase the safety and reliability of these bikes.

This is where Shimano ABS by Blubrake comes from: the sheer commitment to making e-bikes safer, facilitating their uptake even among less experienced riders.

Shimano ABS by Blubrake significantly reduces the risk of the front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off, even during panic braking, thus improving the riding experience of every cyclist and reducing the number of accidents.

The ABS can be fully integrated in the frame of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes and is offered by Shimano to manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Shimano brakes and electric kits, integrating with them in a simple and instant way.

Shimano ABS by Blubrake benefits of the know-how and patents owned by the Italian company together with the solid technology, commercial and service network offered by Shimano.

Founded in 2015 by Fabio Todeschini and e-Novia, Blubrake was established with the aim of developing technological products for Light Electric Vehicles able to make mobility safer and more sustainable.

“We are particularly proud to present this product, the result of a partnership that benefits from a constant technical and industrial dialogue and that brings to the market a product that actively improves braking safety on e-bikes,” commented Fabio Todeschini, co-founder and CEO of Blubrake. “From the very beginning, we have been investing in Research and Development to offer cutting-edge products that are easy to use for all of our customers, no matter the context. All of this with the aim of contributing to the development of today’s mobility: connected, smart and sustainable.”

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About Blubrake

Blubrake is a rapidly growing company committed to the development of solutions that promote the transition towards an electric and sustainable mobility. Since 2019 Blubrake is present on the market with a completely frame-integrated ABS for e-bikes. Blubrake relies on a multidisciplinary team of talents, firmly determined to develop innovative products that can be adopted on the large scale, simply and intuitively.

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