Bendix Wingman Fusion Available on Mack Granite

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LAS VEGAS – The versatile Mack® Granite® model is now available with the next generation of Bendix Wingman Fusion, improving safety for those on the road or traveling to a jobsite. Mack Trucks made the announcement during World of Concrete 2020 this week in Las Vegas.

Bendix Wingman Fusion is a camera- and radar-based driving assistance solution. Now in its second generation, Bendix Wingman Fusion offers Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) upgrades, as well as enhanced lane departure warnings.

“Mack Trucks remains at the industry forefront when it comes to offering technology that enhances the total cost of ownership for our customers,” said Tim Wrinkle, Mack construction product manager. “Offering Bendix Wingman Fusion on our Granite model is just another example of Mack raising the bar by offering safety technology to help our customers mitigate the potential for accidents.”

The next generation of Bendix Wingman Fusion features improved following distance alerts with up to 3.5 seconds of warning before impact, and offers three levels of driver notification before the technology automatically applies the brakes using AEB. New detection feature upgrades also enable Wingman Fusion to reduce vehicle speed by up to 50 mph to help mitigate collisions.

The improved Bendix Wingman Fusion technology also offers the ability for the system to brake if it detects a slow or stopped vehicle in the adjacent lane when changing lanes. If the object is definitively identified as a vehicle, the system alerts the driver. If necessary, the system then applies brakes through AEB.

Bendix Wingman Fusion also offers windshield-mounted cameras to warn the driver should a truck begin drifting outside the lane or off the road. If multiple alerts are needed at the same time, enhanced Bendix Wingman Fusion organizes them in order of importance, delivering only the most crucial alert to the driver to minimize distraction. At speeds above 37 miles per hour, the system also alerts the driver when unintended lane departure occurs.

A driver-facing camera is also available to monitor driver behavior. Along with a forward-facing camera, this feature can capture data for event recordings. The forward-facing camera can also detect highway speed limit signs and warn the driver if the speed limit is exceeded.

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