Aprilia Motorcycles Join Others in Brake Recall Issue

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Source: NHTSA

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Piaggio has agreed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall certain models of its Aprilia motorcycles due to potential front brake issues, thus joining two other manufacturers who also use brakes supplied by Brembo.

Recently Triumph and Ducati agreed to recall its motorcycles when equipped with front brakes pads which might separate from their backing plates due to corrosion.

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The affected Aprilia models covered by the recall are the 2017-20 RSV4 1000 RR, 2017-18 RSV4 1000 RF and 2017-20 Tuono 1100 RR & RF totaling 3,287 units.

According to NHTSA recall 20V-245, like the situation with the Ducati and Triumph motorcycles, “The front brake pads could be affected by the detachment of the friction material from the pad plate, particularly but not exclusively, if used in a corrosive environment. As a consequence, the braking power of the front brake of the motorcycle could be diminished.”

NHTSA goes on to write this diminished braking ability could cause an accident.

Brembo has already created replacement pads to allow for remediation of the issue. Piaggio will notify dealers of the recall beginning May 20th and owners beginning May 22nd.

Dealers will check the front brake pads and replace all affected original Brembo brake pad with the new Brembo brake pad part number at no cost to the owners. This repair campaign will eliminate any potential safety risk.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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