Triumph Recalls Certain Motorcycles for Brake Issue

Source: NHTSA

ATLANTA – Triumph Motorcycles America has agreed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall certain 2018-2020 models due to a potential front-brake-pad issue in which the friction material could separate from the backing plate.

NHTSA’s recall (campaign number 20V-236) affects 3,691 motorcycles produced between 2017 and 2020.

According to NHTSA, the models affected are:

2018-2020 Speed Triple S
2018-2020 Street Triple RS
2020-2020 Tiger 1200 Alpine Edition
2020-2020 Tiger 1200 Desert Edition
2018-2020 Tiger 1200 XCA
2018-2020 Tiger 1200 XCx
2018-2019 Tiger 1200 XR
2018-2019 Tiger 1200 XRT
2018-2019 Tiger 1200 XRx
2018-2019 Tiger 1200 XRx LRH

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NHTSA’s recall identified the potential danger if the friction material separated from the pad’s backing plate it could impact the motorcycle’s ability to brake efficiently and increase its stopping distance.

The issue is seemingly connected to a high concentration of Nickel in the compound that causes the material to be more porous and therefore, to absorb water and salt—particularly in areas where salt and deicing agents are used to melt ice on the roads. The infiltration of salt and water could result in corrosion and compromise the pad’s adherence to the plate.

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According to a report in,Triumph reported 13 incidents of pad detachment without injuries to component supplier Brembo which prompted an investigation that ultimately confirmed that certain serial numbers were in fact problematic.

Triumph has not notified NHTSA as to when it will notify dealers or customers as to the recall. Once it does, owners will be instructed to bring their motorcycles to a Triumph dealer to have the front brake pads replaced free of charge .

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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