Air Brake Antifreeze Offered by Champion Oil

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Source: Champion Oil announcement

CLINTON, Mo. – Champion oil is marketing Champion Air Brake Antifreeze, a methanol-based antifreeze designed to prevent frozen air lines and remove moisture from air brake systems.

Special additives leave an anti-corrosive film which will help extend the life of air-line components and ensure positive protection to all steel, rubber, and brake line parts.

Cold temperatures and water can lead to only one outcome – and ice has no place in a truck’s air system. Frozen moisture can disable compressors, along with any of the multitude of air valves in the system. Plunging temperatures, like those which have hit much of United States in recent weeks, will put air systems on some older applications to the test.

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Compressed air always contains moisture, and when the air leaves the compressor, it’s hot. But as it travels through the line from the compressor to the air dryer, it cools, and that is when the moisture in the compressed air condenses to liquid. If it’s cold enough, that liquid will freeze, threatening the air supply to various systems, including transmissions, suspensions and of course, brakes.

A heavy truck’s air compressor puts out four-six ounces of water during an average day’s operation; more when operating in regions of high relative humidity, and less when air is cold and dry. If all that water is sloshing around in your air reservoirs or some other spot further downstream, you could be in trouble when temperatures plummet.

The first line of defense is the air dryer, but many older trucks do not have one. If the vehicle uses an alcohol injector/evaporator, fill it up with approved air brake anti-freeze. Typically, these are not needed in today’s air systems using air dryers but they can be a good supplement to the air dryer that may not be working properly in colder climates.

Air brake anti-freeze should never be directly added into air lines.

Champion Air Brake Antifreeze is specially developed as an additive for air brake systems of trucks and other heavy vehicles to prevent freezing of the brake-system. Protect system against damages caused by frozen-water of condensation.

Champion Air-Brake Antifreeze is recommended for use in air brake lines to prevent line freeze ups, and to absorb moisture in the system. It contains a mixture of balanced additives that lubricate the moving parts (valves, packings) of the brake system. Safe for rubbers-, plastic- and metal parts. It protects and keeps air brake systems clean. Champion Air-Brake protects the system from rust and corrosion when used regularly in both the winter and the summer.

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