AC Floby Recognized for Green Efforts

Prize is a reflection of the company’s recent project to convert inbound factory supplies from trucks to train transportation – part of AC Floby’s ongoing commitment to reducing emissions and ambition to become climate neutral.

The award was presented at a banquet organised by Falköpings County business leaders on 20th November. AC Floby has chosen to donate its SEK 10,000 prize money towards as an “environmental scholarship” for local students working on sustainability projects.

After a restructure two years ago, AC Floby has made it a strategic objective to embark upon a number of environmental initiatives. The cornerstone of this strategy has been the wholesale switch of the company’s inbound transportation from individual trucks to more streamlined train and intermodal solutions.

Each year, AC Floby moves over 100,000 tonnes-worth of heavy auto-parts from suppliers in Germany and other European locations to its factory in Sweden. 95% of this inbound transportation is now co-ordinated using regular train services or trucks loaded onto trains – replacing 2,700 individual truck journeys every year. This has equated to a 79% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and saved over a million litres of diesel.

“In the last two years we have completely overhauled our transport set-up,” said Morgan Svensson, Director of Purchase & Logistics at AC Floby. “This new way of thinking has enabled us to build a sustainable model of responsible development, save money and go a long way to becoming climate neutral. We are delighted to win this award as it recognises the ongoing success and importance of our environmental objectives.”

AC Floby’s wider ambitions are to become climate neutral and build towards a sustainable future for the automotive industry. Work is currently underway to collect data to identify greenhouse gas emissions across the business, with new measures likely to include investment in more environmentally-friendly equipment.

“We have already switched our production lighting in the factory ceiling from traditional fluorescent lamps to LED lighting, which has contributed to a significantly better working environment and also led to energy savings of about SEK 1 million per year,” said Jonas Svensson, Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator at AC Floby. “Our other initiatives include a solution for recycling heat from air compressors to shower water and factory air, and the installation of frequency-controlled air compressors for reduced energy consumption.”

Source: AC Floby

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