Zimmermann Formula:R Its Top Disc for Racing

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Source: Otto Zimmermann GmbH announcement

SINSHEIM-DÜHREN, Germany — Tested at the Nürburgring with best results: The Formula:R compound brake disc is the ultimate disc from Otto Zimmermann for the race track. The brake disc is now available in Zimmermann’s online shop.

Racing made by Zimmermann: The Formula:R high-end brake disc stands for sophisticated technology that convinces on race tracks. The brake discs with a special coated light metal hub and highly carbonized cast friction ring allow free radial expansion of the friction surface due to the floating mounting of friction ring and hub. Brake fade is thus prevented.

Formula:R compound brake discs thus offer maximum safety in race cars and can in some vehicles replace very cost-intensive carbon-ceramic brake discs. In addition to the technical advantages, the Z-grooves give the brake discs a particularly sporty appearance.

Otto Zimmermann has been manufacturing compound brake discs for more than 10 years, in which the hub and friction ring are connected by pins. These brake discs in the Formula:Z series also offer free radial expansion of the friction ring. Zimmermann refine this technology for racing and for use at trackdays.

The special connection technology also offers the possibility of free radial expansion. This option avoids shielding of the brake disc and thus hotspots and cracks in the friction ring. The newly developed cast friction ring ensures rapid cooling due to various special properties:

  • optimized connection to the hub
  • optimum air supply and maximum stability thanks to bended ribs in the ventilation channel
  • a specially high-carbon cast specification offers optimum thermal conductivity
  • the Z-groove optimally dissipates outgassing, heat, moisture and brake dust.

This maintains the performance of the disc even when temporarily hot. The grooves also ensure that the pads are always sharpened, which leads to optimum grip of the pads on the disc.

Last but not least, the compound technology with a light metal hub also brings a significant weight reduction. This weight reduction leads to a clearly improved driving performance, as the brake discs belong to the unsprung mass. The ratio of unsprung to sprung mass is thus increased for the benefit of sprung mass. Traction and thus control of the vehicle are noticeably improved.

The Formula:R product line is the result of the company’s collaboration with experienced racing teams and is precisely tailored to the requirements of racing.

Formula:R compound brake discs do not have road approval as they are designed exclusively for use on the race track.

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Racing products from the Formula:R product line are available for selected Porsche, Audi, BMW, Cupra/Seat and VW vehicle models. Racing teams and racing enthusiasts can now order them directly from the new Zimmermann racing shop.

Buying is quick and easy: customers can use a filter to specify the respective vehicle, model series, installation location and size of the desired product. Product details for each brake disc are clearly listed. The shop exclusively sells items from Zimmermann’s new Formula:R product line.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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