Wilwood Introduces Four New Spec37 Rotors

Camarillo, CA • February 2019

Wilwood is proud to introduce four new configurations to its proprietary Spec37 alloy GT series of racing rotors, incorporating the oval mounting holes commonly used with bobbin-style, dynamic-float mounting.

Wilwood’s Spec37 compound is a unique, certified content, long-grain carbon iron alloy that provides high durability and extreme thermal stability in sustained high-heat competition. Spec37 rotors provide long wear, strong resistance to distortion through heat cycles, and high cooling efficiency thanks to a superior directional vane design.

All GT series rotors are precision close-tolerance machined, individually dynamic balanced, and feature six non-symmetrical face slots to maintain pad performance while eliminating symmetrical pattern high-frequency engagement harmonics.

MSRP starts at $199.14.