Util Partners with Trasteel and DeA Capital

Util Industries S.p.A., a leader in fine blanking and brake system components, has announced a strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and consolidating its production base. This collaboration involves Trasteel Trading Holding SA and DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, marking a significant investment of €15 million. The funds will support Util’s ambitious business plan and enhance its market position.

Key Highlights:

  • Investment Partners: Trasteel Trading Holding SA and DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR.
  • Total Investment: €15 million through capital increase.
  • CEO Appointment: Roberto Signoriello, former general director of ITT Friction Technologies Fine Blanking Division and Feintool Italia, is named CEO of Util.
  • Company Overview: Founded in 1959, Util is a European leader in fine blanking with facilities in Italy and China.
  • Financial Performance: Util closed 2023 with €79 million in revenues, an EBITDA of over €8 million, and €28 million in equity.

Util Industries, established in 1959, stands as a prominent entity in Europe for fine blanking and manufacturing plates for automotive brake systems. With over 400 employees across two facilities in Villanova d’Asti, Italy, and Guangzhou, China, the company reported significant financial achievements in 2023, including €79 million in revenues and an EBITDA exceeding €8 million.

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The partnership features Trasteel Trading Holding SA and DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, specifically the Idea CCR1 funds and the Flexible Capital Fund. These entities have subscribed to a €15 million capital increase. This strategic move was facilitated by the active involvement of Roberto Signoriello, who has been appointed CEO of Util. Signoriello brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles in ITT Friction Technologies and Feintool Italia.

“I am proud and enthusiastic for this assignment and to share and promote with the shareholders Util Group’s new development and growth strategy, which includes a solid medium and long-term industrial plan,” stated Signoriello.

The investment aims to propel Util’s new business plan, leveraging the collaboration with Trasteel to generate crucial synergies and enhance commercial and procurement capabilities. Vincenzo Manganelli and Federico Giribaldi, Managing Directors of DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, emphasized the benefits of this partnership, stating, “The collaboration with Trasteel will allow Util to develop important synergies and know-how from both a commercial and a procurement point of view, strengthening the prospects envisaged in the industrial plan.”

Gianfranco Imperato, CEO of Trasteel, expressed optimism about the venture, “We are happy to accompany DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR and Roberto Signoriello on this important journey. Our entry into Util also establishes our entry into blanking processes, continuing the verticalization strategy of our group that began in 2020.”

This strategic investment and partnership are poised to solidify Util’s market position and drive its growth trajectory, ensuring a robust future for the company in the fine blanking industry.

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