TSE-Sense™ Smart Air Brake Actuator Introduced

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Source: TSE Brakes announcement

CULLMAN, Alabama – TSE Brakes, Inc., a worldwide producer and supplier of premium quality brake actuators and brake adjusters for the on-highway and specialty vehicle markets, has launched its TSE-Sense™ Smart Air Brake Actuator.

Telematics has become an asset to fleets and drivers looking for new ways to increase efficiency, enhance performance and maximize safety. Now with TSE-Sense™, fleets and drivers can ensure that their brake system is functioning properly. The proprietary software is used to analyze brake data for real-time response as well as for preventive diagnostics.

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The proper functioning of brake systems can be affected by inadequate maintenance and inspection procedures, which may lead to unscheduled repairs and downtime, increase fuel costs, higher operating costs and even accidents.

The system is comprised of our smart brake actuators and a Data Integration Box (DIB), patent-pending TSE-Sense continuously monitors brake stroke at each wheel end. TSE-Sense can diagnose brake issues in real-time, including non-functioning brakes, dragging brakes, overstroke conditions, emergency spring failure, cross-axle brake imbalance and more.

The TSE-Sense brake actuator measures the brake stroke of each actuator, monitors the emergency spring condition and logs the brake performance data in the DIB. By performing brake diagnostic checks, it verifies that each actuator and the entire brake system is functioning properly.

About TSE Brakes, Inc.

TSE Brakes, a worldwide producer and supplier of premium quality brake actuators and brake adjusters for the on-highway and specialty vehicle markets is headquartered in Cullman, Alabama. For over 50 years, TSE Brakes has fostered a customer first commitment to be your best brake actuator manufacturer. TSE Brakes is a Marmon Holdings Inc. company. Marmon Holdings Inc. supports the transportation industry worldwide with a wide range of high-quality products and services.

TSE is the industry leader in corrosion resistance and brake life, and is constantly investing to expand and improve their technology in order to deliver improved efficiency and lower operating costs for its fleet customers.

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