Sphere Brake Defense Awarded Army Deal

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Source: Sphere Brake Defense announcement

ERIE, Penn. – Sphere Brake Defense LLC (SBD) has been awarded an accelerated 12-month Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) from the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO).

Numerous tactical vehicles can have technical issues related to mobility, fuel economy and safety; specifically, they can experience brake system problems due to corrosion and drum weight that is compounded by vehicle up-armoring in the field.

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“We are honored and grateful to have an opportunity to accelerate development, prototyping, and certification of the patented sphere brake technology for select US Army ground tactical vehicles,” said Aaron Lewis, CEO of SBD. “Our bolt-on sphere brake, which requires no tools to change pads, compresses hemispherical brake pads on a sphere brake surface. This generates more power in a smaller package on existing brake drum and brake disc configuration that increases safety, reduces lifecycle costs, and improves fuel economy.”

About Sphere Brake Defense, LLC

As a veteran-owned small business based in Erie, Penn., SBD specializes in developing advanced wheel-end technologies and seeks to integrate this technology into government and prime tactical ground vehicles to increase safety while reducing lifecycle costs across programs of record.

About the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office

RCCTO executes rapid prototyping and initial equipping of strategically important capabilities to meet commanders’ warfighting needs, consistent with the Army’s modernization priorities. Beyond closing current capability gaps, the Office also aims to stimulate aggressive, proactive capability development and leverage disruptive technologies to meet Army strategic objectives.

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