RMA Track Days Partners with Surface Transforms

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Source: Surface Transforms announcement

LIVERPOOL, U.K. — Surface Transforms PLC, the U.K.’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use, have formed a partnership with the leading U.K. supercar track day organizer, RMA Track Days.

The partnership has been crafted as one of mutual benefit. For Surface Transforms, it means the opportunity to attend track days, meet supercar owners and provide track-side help and advice regarding their product range.

For RMA Track Days it provides the opportunity for more of their customers to be equipped with Surface Transforms brake disc kits, enabling increased participation in their events due to the significant cost reductions on offer to the supercar track day enthusiast.

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Because of the vastly superior wear characteristics of the Surface Transforms CCST rotor when compared to steel or OEM carbon alternatives and the fact that worn CCST rotors can be refurbished, the through life cost savings are significant. Even when taking account of the initial purchase price, a road-going track day enthusiast can expect to save up to £15,000(+) over a 2-year period of average track day and road use, when compared to running steel or original-equipment carbon for the same duty cycle.

Leyton Clarke from RMA Track Days said, “over time we’ve noticed that the cost of replacing OEM brake discs has been having a real impact on the number of track days that the majority of our supercar customers choose to attend. It is a genuinely prohibitive factor to the owner. With the Surface Transforms discs fitted, not only does the owner enjoy better performance but the through-life cost savings are incredible allowing them to re-invest what has been saved into attendance at yet more track days; more fun for our owners and busier track days for us – a real win-win”.

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Craig Couzens, Business Development Manager at Surface Transforms said, “working together with RMA Track Days in this way is a great opportunity for us. We get to meet a large number of our supercar owner target audience in a face-to-face environment where we’re able to deliver help and advice first-hand”. He added: “We were genuinely surprised to learn how the costs of disc replacement have become such a fundamental factor to supercar track day enthusiasts, and we’re delighted to be able to help by offering our supercar brake kits – solving a problem for all concerned”.

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