PSI Pad Upgrade by SBS for UTV and SSV

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Source: SBS Friction A/S announcement

SVENDBORG, Denmark – SBS Friction A/S, one of the largest manufacturers of brake pads, has launched a range all terrain PSI upgrade compounds for UTV and SSVs.

The new purpose-designed brake pad range, PSI – EVO Sinter, is made of a new state-of-the-art conductive sintered performance compound, specially developed for the all-around (wet/dry) and all-terrain (leisure/race) riding experience.

The PSI – EVO Sinter range provides riders with a strong initial bite to enable instant brake feeling, easy modulation and a powerful, consistent and reliable performance, even under extreme conditions throughout the brake pad lifetime.

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The new PSI brake pads also include NUCAP NRS technology on the back plate securing a mechanical indestructible bonding.

“With the PSI – EVO Sinter compound, we want to give UTV and SSV riders the ultimate upgrade compound for both casual all-terrain use and race use,” explained, Christel Munk Pedersen, SBS CSO. “With the PSI, we have upgraded the compound performance level, so that riders are enabled a far better continuous brake feel when riding in rough terrain in both wet and dry weather conditions.

“With the innovative and unique enforcement of the NUCAP Retention System (NRS), we furthermore extend the bonding of the compound across the temperature span of the brake pad. Considering the tough conditions brake pads are exposed to during UTV and SSV riding, we’re taking brake performance and safety to the next level.”

The PSI – EVO Sinter compound has been tested with Baja 1000 UTV race champion Marc Burnett but is equally applicable for off-road hobby use.

Following preliminary introduction in 2020 of a few applications, SBS is now introducing full-range availability by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

The new PSI – EVO Sinter compound is also available for most product compatible ATVs.

About SBS Friction A/S

SBS Friction is a preferred original-equipment and aftermarket supplier of brake pads and friction solutions for motorcycles, scooters, ATV/UTVs, special cars and industrial applications, including wind turbines. The product portfolio also includes brake discs, clutch kits, brake shoes, brake shims and more.

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SBS Friction, an industry first, received full approval according to the ECE R90 regulation, providing riders the most reliable quality in terms of design, manufacturing and performance. Furthermore, SBS brake pads are enforced with NUCAP NRS technology, which secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding of the compound.

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