Preview: EuroBrake 2023 with Chris Mason, Chief Executive, FISITA

EuroBrake, the world’s most expansive annual brake technology conference, is set to raise the bar yet again. This year’s upcoming event promises to bring together a diverse group of contributors and attendees, including major stakeholders in the brake industry. The anticipated range of participants spans from passenger car and commercial vehicle component suppliers and manufacturers to raw material suppliers and leading brands in the rail, aerospace, and academic sectors. The expected convergence of such a varied audience stands as a testament to the anticipated global reach and influence of this esteemed conference.

The BRAKE Report recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Mason, Chief Executive of FISITA, to discuss the upcoming conference and to get a preview of what to expect at the event.

Embracing its mission to shape the future of braking technology, EuroBrake 2023 is primed to orchestrate a compelling series of technical presentations, panel discussions, and keynote addresses. These will be structured around key themes, including brake systems, commercial vehicles, components & materials, environmentally friendly approaches, modeling & simulation, rail technologies, and testing. The planned insightful debates on design, manufacture, and use are particularly noteworthy, demonstrating the conference’s commitment to driving innovation in the braking industry.

For businesses operating in the braking sector, EuroBrake offers an unrivaled platform to showcase their technology and cement their brand’s position in the industry. The event’s significance is amplified by its size, being the largest braking technology and strategy event in the world. Thousands of delegates from across the globe are expected to attend, offering a prime opportunity to strengthen existing relationships, forge new connections, and broaden business networks. Moreover, attendees will have the chance to contribute to knowledge sharing and thought leadership during the technical sessions, as well as network with their peers at social receptions.

The conference is being organized by FISITA, a global membership organization dedicated to the automotive and mobility systems engineering community. FISITA’s influence spans across hundreds of thousands of engineers and four member-category types – automotive engineering societies, corporate members, strategic partners, and academia.

EuroBrake 2023 is not just a conference – it’s poised to be a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, driving the braking technology industry forward. The event’s success will be a testament to its ability to unite an industry and pave the way for a future where braking technology continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the global mobility landscape. As we look forward to EuroBrake 2023, we can only anticipate a landmark event that promises to spur further growth and innovation in the fascinating world of braking technology.

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