PFC Brakes Brings Porsche Cup Ability to the Street


INDIANAPOLIS – PFC Brakes went to the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show here and displayed brake packages which can bring Porsche Cup performance to Porsche street cars.

Through its experience in Porsche GT3 Cup racing, PFC Brakes has come to fully understand the different demands of hard stops, absurdly high temperatures, and precise brake modulation.

Weekend warriors and discerning street drivers eventually find the limits of even high-grade road-car brakes, and those looking for even more now have a fantastic option. PFC has addressed the need for complete confidence in the binders by providing owners of Porsche road cars with the braking performance of a Porsche Cup car.

Essentially, these new ZR96 (front) and ZR95 (rear) brake packages offer motorsports-grade calipers and technology to discerning drivers who want unmatched braking performance for their weekend car or daily driver. Yet, they don’t compromise the civility of the road car. For instance, the rear hats have an integrated parking brake. No true racing brakes have ever been designed with those kinds of considerations before.

PFC’s Zero Drag calipers feature a titanium piston cap — pioneered on its IndyCar brakes— which helps dissipate heat. It also helps prevent the caliper from distorting, and consequently, ensures the piston retracts in a consistent fashion.

PFC’s calipers are finished in heat-dissipating nickel, which also helps increase hardness for even wear surfaces over longer times. The ZR96 front rotors come in two sizes: 405mm and 380mm.

Best of all, these racing brakes are available for a wide array of models in the Porsche stable. Basically, everything from the 996 Turbo (2000-2005) and newer are catered to. Whether the old Cayman needs a set of big-time binders to out-brake the modern exotics, or that new GT3 RS has to have even more decelerative power, these new race-grade items from PFC Brakes will introduce their owner to another world of stopping performance.

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