PAGID Racing Partners for Endurance Cup

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PAGID Racing has announced a new partnership with CREVENTIC and Porsche Motorsport to become the sole supplier of racing brakes for the inaugural 992 Endurance Cup, scheduled for September 6-7. This collaboration aims to enhance the performance and credibility of the event, leveraging PAGID Racing‘s extensive experience in motorsport.

Key Highlights:

  • Event Date: September 6-7
  • Location: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Brake Pads Supplied: RSL 1 (front) and RSL D1 (rear)
  • On-Site Support: PAGID Racing engineers providing analytical and practical support
  • Partnership History: PAGID Racing and Porsche Motorsport have been collaborating since 1986
PAGID Racing Partners for Endurance Cup

PAGID Racing, known for its high-performance racing brakes, has been a staple in major GT and TCR motor racing programs worldwide. With a heritage dating back to 1953, PAGID Racing’s manufacturing is conducted solely in-house, ensuring superior performance across various operating conditions. Their process includes computer-assisted lab testing and real-world competitive data to continuously refine their products.

Since 1986, PAGID Racing has maintained a strong partnership with Porsche Motorsport, contributing to their significant role in motorsport. For the 992 Endurance Cup, PAGID Racing will provide RSL 1 (front) and RSL D1 (rear) brake pads. Additionally, PAGID Racing engineers will offer on-site analytical and practical support before, during, and after each session.

Peter Freij, CREVENTIC operational manager, stated, “To have PAGID Racing on-board for the inaugural Porsche 992 Endurance Cup powered by Porsche Motorsport is a significant boost for this 12-hour event. PAGID’s enormous contribution to the world of GT and TCR racing speaks for itself, and given the company’s near-40-year working relationship with Porsche Motorsport, we’re very confident this deal with CREVENTIC can only elevate the credibility of this event yet further in the eyes of our supporters, and of our registered and prospective competitors. We look forward to an increased interest in the first 992 Endurance Cup in the coming days and weeks.”

PAGID Racing Partners for Endurance Cup

Matthew Greenman, Head of Global Motorsports at PAGID Racing, expressed, “Here at PAGID Racing we are proud of this collaboration with the team at CREVENTIC to become a major sponsor and sole supplier of brake pads for the inaugural Porsche 992 Endurance Cup.”

Greenman further added, “This is exactly the type of fantastic and exciting event that aligns with our strategic positioning in motor racing and further enhances our long-standing and strong relationship with Porsche Motorsports. Furthermore, it will be a superb spectacle and an action-packed few days for all fans of motorsport to enjoy. As Peter states, we hope that the addition of PAGID Racing will add further credibility to the event and we can say for sure that all participating teams will have the confidence to push their cars to the limit knowing they have PAGID Racing pads installed in addition to having our expert team of engineers to support them across the weekend.”

CREVENTIC has a robust schedule of thrilling racing events globally, and this partnership with PAGID Racing and Porsche Motorsport for the 992 Endurance Cup marks the beginning of a promising collaboration. PAGID Racing joins other OE brands, such as the event’s exclusive tire supplier, Michelin, further solidifying the event’s prestige.

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