New SHIMANO Rotors: Quieter, More Consistent Braking

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Source: SHIMANO announcement

IRVINE, Calif. — Recognizing rider demand for a quieter, more consistent braking performance, SHIMANO introduces the new RT-CL900 and RT-CL800 disc brake rotors with ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction.

Designed to significantly reduce heat deformation during long, steep descents, the new rotors deliver superior heat management benefits that, when paired with the new more robust alloy carrier and arm shape, results in a more enjoyable, quieter braking experience. 

Long, twisty descents or steep downhills that call for hard braking can often cause a ticking or rubbing noise from brake rotors. The noise is a result of heat buildup, which causes the rotor shape to deform or offset slightly, allowing the rotor to come into contact with the brake pads. After finishing the descent, and when the rider is no longer consistently braking, the rotors cool down and return to their original shape, and the noise disappears.

Now, SHIMANO’s RT-CL900 and RT-CL800 rotors feature a more robust alloy carrier and optimized arm shape that reduces heat deformation of the rotor during hard braking. Maintaining the overall shape of the rotor leads to more consistent braking and quieter operation so riders can focus on the road and the descent ahead.

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Proprietary 3-Layer Construction

An extra layer of heat protection, ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor construction uses a proprietary three-layer sandwich design with exposed radiator fin. Together with the heat dissipating paint, FREEZA rotors deliver supercooling forces for even more reliable braking performance and lighter operation under all conditions. ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotors provide consistent braking performance with longer pad life, less brake fade and noise.

●      140°C Overall Heat Reduction
●      10-percent longer pad life (When compared to stainless steel rotors)

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