Monaco Grand Prix: Brembo Insights

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Just seven days after the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Formula 1 moves to the Principality for the Monaco Grand Prix. The inaugural edition in 1929 was an invitation-only race with 16 cars participating, but only 3 were able to complete the scheduled 100 laps. The first Monaco Grand Prix that counted towards the Formula 1 World Championship took place in 1950, but due to regulatory issues, the second one had to wait until 1955. Brembo has provided some interesting facts about this circuit.

Key Highlights:

  • Track Difficulty: Brembo technicians classify the 3.337-kilometer-long Circuit de Monaco as a medium difficulty track for brakes. Despite having 12 braking points per lap, no brake application lasts longer than 90 meters. Drivers use the brakes for over 17 seconds per lap, equivalent to 24% of the race duration.
  • Formula 1 vs. Formula E: Since 2015, Formula E has raced on the Circuit de Monaco, initially on a shortened 1.765 km track. By 2022, the layout matched that of Formula 1. According to Brembo, FE cars use 18mm thick carbon discs at the front and 4mm steel discs at the rear, while F1 discs are 32mm thick with numerous ventilation holes.
  • Toughest Corner: The most challenging corner for the braking system is Turn 10, where cars decelerate from 283 km/h to 93 km/h in 1.91 seconds, covering 86 meters. This requires drivers to exert a 148 kg load on the brake pedal and endure a maximum deceleration of 4.7 g.
  • Ligier’s Last Victory: Ligier’s final Formula 1 victory came at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, with Olivier Panis driving the JS43 powered by a Mugen Honda engine. This win ended Ligier’s 15-year drought since their last win in 1981 and marked the end of their presence in Formula 1.
  • Monégasque Drivers: Monaco, despite its small size, has been represented by three drivers in Formula 1. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s star, has achieved 5 victories and 23 pole positions. Louis Chiron was the first Monégasque on the podium, finishing 3rd in 1950. Olivier Beretta competed in 9 GPs in 1994, with a best finish of 7th in Germany.

The Monaco Grand Prix is not just a race; it’s a historic and challenging event that continues to captivate fans with its unique blend of glamour and high-speed action.

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