Meneta Discusses its Green Goals

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Meneta has pledged to move towards carbon neutrality as a company in a recent post on LinkedIn. This message followed a discussion on sustainability as a means of moving towards a greener future the company posted on its Website. The following are Meneta’s latest public expressions of working to achieve a more environmentally responsible future:

LinkedIn: At Meneta, we have embarked on the journey of becoming CO2 neutral. It will be a long journey. We manufacture OEM brake parts and gasket kit materials.

We are not only investing in operational assets and more environmentally-friendly production machinery but also focus on ‘low hanging fruits’, where we can obtain immediate change and impact. For example, switching to green energy, reducing waste, recycling products/raw materials, introducing simulation tools to reduce physical (energy-consuming) tests, etc.

“What I see lacking are industry-wide ‘climate partnerships’ where we can discuss, evaluate and agree on how to reduce CO2 footprints of the entire supply chain – single company initiatives will not have the desired effect,” says Kim Østergaard, Group CEO.

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“Governments should be much more proactive in their efforts to support companies (build infrastructure, introduce incentive plans, etc) that really invest in going green, we – the manufacturers – must still live up to our individual responsibilities of changing our approach to support a greener future,” he concludes.

We recently invested in brand new production lines, where we can manufacture gasket kit materials without the polluting CR (VI) treatment

Website blog: Investing in sustainable energy to power a greener future

At Meneta, we have a clear ambition to become a more sustainable business. Therefore, to kickstart 2021, we have switched 26 percent of our energy supply to clean energy from local Vestas wind turbines.  This means a CO2 reduction corresponding to the yearly emission of more than 300 Danish households. Through this investment, our newest addition to the company portfolio, Meneta Composite Materials, will run entirely on wind energy. This milestone is just one of our many steps to become more sustainable in everything we do.

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Sustainable Development Goal no. 7: Affordable and clean energy for all

This green initiative is part of our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 7 about scaling up on renewable energy. SDG no. 7 is one of the most important in the battle against carbon emissions. In fact, 24.2 percent of all emission stems from industrial energy usage (from By adopting clean energy technologies, businesses can help accelerate the transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for all. This switch is our contribution toward this goal, and it is just the beginning.

The power of wind

The switch is made at our Danish locations in collaboration with Energi Fyn through their wind turbines at the Lindø port of Odense. They have invested in three Vestas V117-3.3/3.45 MW models to support the growing demand for green energy. The wind turbines are expected to produce 34.5 GWh each year, which can power 8,600 average households for a whole year and will save around 26,000 tons of CO2 compared to fossil fuels produced energy. Did you know that these wind turbines weigh 415 tons and are 150 meters high with a total wingspan of 117 meters?

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